Founder / Creative Director
As creative director for Brutiful Games, Chris supplies direction for ongoing projects as well as prototype development for future games. While playing games got him into game development, he can't tell which activity entertains him most. Whether it's working in Unity or playing an RPG or FPS, he's equally likely to be doing either at three in the morning.
Favorite Games
  • Fable Series
  • Halo Series
  • Borderlands Series
  • Minecraft
  • All Supergiant Games Titles
Game / UI Designer
As a game and UI designer at Brutiful Games, Lauren loves user experience psychology and understanding how players interact with games. She uses this knowledge to create seemless and smooth game experiences that are both intuitive and enjoyable. In her down time, she is always watching The Office and only leaves home to dance.
Favorite Games
  • Mass Effect Series
  • Fallout Series
  • Borderlands Series
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons
  • The Witcher Series
Unity Developer
As a programmer at Brutiful Games, Kit is the one that chants spells to the sprites, sound and gameplay to make them disappear and become a game. When he's not coding his own games, he usually is playing others. His favorite genres are Action, Platformer/Puzzle and RPGs.
Favorite Games
  • God of War (2018)
  • Uncharted Series
  • The Last of Us
  • Devil May Cry Series
  • Golden Sun Series
3D Animator / Technical Artist
As 3D animator for Brutiful Games, Jaad keeps the characters alive and the in-game worlds moving. When he's not doing 3D, he's either playing video games or making digital art - but mostly he's just playing videogames.
Favorite Games
  • Rainbow Six Siege
  • Deadbolt
  • Risk of Rain
  • Don't Starve
  • Outward
  • Cave Story
  • League of Legends
3D Artist / Technical Artist
As a 3d Artist at Brutiful Games, Eizel is responsible for creating game visual assets. During his free time, he’s doing technical art stuff, bonding with his cats, watching movies or playing video games.
Favorite Games
  • Assassin's Creed
  • Dark Souls 3
  • Red Dead Redemption 2
  • Counter Strike
  • GTA Series
Graphic / Web Designer
As a graphic designer at Brutiful Games, Justin is the one who takes mere words and images and transforms them into a visual experience that makes your eyes tear up with joy. When he is not designing, he is usually gaming or watching one of his favorite films from his extensive home movie collection.
Favorite Games
  • Gears of War Series
  • Resident Evil Series
  • Doom Series
  • Super Smash Bros. Series
  • Dead Space Series
3D Artist / UI Artist
As a 3D Artist at Brutiful Games, Mia transforms 2D concepts into eye-catching assets that bring games to life. Being passionate with creating art, she also does DIY and Tinker Projects in her spare time.
Favorite Games
  • Uncharted Series
  • Medal of Honor: Heroes
  • Oxenfree
  • Gris
  • The Gardens Between
Unity Developer
As a programmer at Brutiful Games, Ange writes code in the middle of the night when he has the bare minimum amount of braincells to use. He hopes that "midnight Ange" will somehow combine his code with assets and produce a game. "Daytime Ange" can usually be found eating Oreos and watching KPOP.
Favorite Games
  • StarCraft Series
  • Divinity: Original Sin II
  • CS:GO
  • DOTA 2
  • Frostpunk
Marketing Associate
As a marketing associate, Catherine handles the PPC campaigns for Brutiful Games.
Favorite Games
  • Tetris
  • Temple Run
Marketing Lead / Producer
As a producer and marketing lead, Leonard finds new ways to torture the team to get assets up on social media and occasionally throw wrenches into the machine just to see things go boom. That's on his good days. When not thinking of world domination he dabbles in art, sculpts, and plays with his three rambunctious yet adorable husky puppers.
Favorite Games
  • Planet Zoo
  • Jurassic World Evolution
  • Two Point Hospital
  • Magic: The Gathering Arena
  • Black Desert Online
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